3 Ways to Enhance Summer Skin

Lovecraft Beauty

Posted on July 16 2018

When your makeup melts faster than ice, sticking to a beauty routine can be a true test. We’re vowing to simplify in an effort to stay cool. Our tips for keeping natural and low-maintenance below.



Skin can become stressed from extreme environmental changes, dehydration and sun exposure. The best way to keep a glowing complexion is a proper skincare routine that finishes with sunscreen. Behind the scenes on shoots, we get asked our pick for a product that works well under makeup. “We’re always trying new formulas. I want a clean, lightweight option with high SPF, so it can be tricky to find something that doesn’t leave your face with a white tint,” our founder Francelle shares. Right now, our favorite is Kiss My Face Face Factor SPF 30. This silky cream melts into skin and doesn’t pill once foundation or tinted moisturizer are applied.


Minimal Makeup

It’s easy to feel exposed when we’re used to hiding behind heavy foundation. We all have the shared experience of dark circles, blemishes, redness, freckles — perceived “imperfections” that are simply just variations in our bodies. We challenge you to let your skin shine and breathe. Walk out the door with only sunscreen or use a tinted moisturizer with buildable coverage. You’ll grow to love the ease of doing less (and not melting in the heat).  

Our favorite way to be expressive when wearing minimal makeup is by layering lip and cheek color with Lovecraft Beauty Lip Pens. These multitaskers are formulated with coconut oil to hydrate and build a dewy glow. We like to use one color for a monochrome look: try Argus or Vallette.


Insect Repellent

Most sprays are filled with chemicals and leave you feeling less-than-fresh, but indie beauty brands have started to create clean, effective remedies. We’ve been seeking natural alternatives to keep protected from mosquitoes and flies this season. Our newest discovery is Nantucket Spider Summer Camp bug repellent, which uses a blend of essential oils including lemongrass, clove and peppermint. Wear it to keep comfortable, bite-free and still smell beautiful. 

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