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Posted on July 23 2018

Have you ever visited a friend’s home and peeked inside the medicine cabinet? If you’re shocked to hear that people do this, please know that curious beauty addicts like me exist and attend your dinner parties. I will proudly admit to peeping bathroom shelves because I love to see what products people are using. This glimpse into our very personal routines is curious and informative. I’ve picked up a few favorite products based on the unintentional recommendations from friend’s bathroom shelves. Recently, I asked our founder Francelle how she keeps her skin glowing. She reported the usual “drink water, eat a balanced diet and take your makeup off at night,” but gave 4 tips to support that base of healthy habits.



Maintain a low-stress lifestyle with an exercise routine you love.

Since skin can be triggered by stress hormones, it’s important to maintain balance. Sticking with a consistent exercise routine helps ease stress and increase blood flow. “I walked into my first SoulCycle class five years ago and never Iooked back,” Francelle says. “I used to be a runner, but injuries left me looking for a new workout. The energy, sweat-bumping music and community at SoulCycle Williamsburg had me hooked.” Francelle tries to make it to about 4 classes each week, but often practices on her Soul bike at home. I’ve always been motivated by group fitness, but everyone finds their zen in different activities. Choose a workout that gets your heart rate up in order to oxygenate skin cells. You’ll be caring for your skin while you help detox your mind.



Take a cold shower.

I’m guilty of indulging in lengthy, hot showers, but Francelle promises the benefits of a daily cold shower. After doing a bit of research, it’s clear that I need to cool things down. Standing under cold water helps keep the lymphatic system moving, helping the body to avoid a build up of blocked, stagnant cells. This ritual also helps to dissipate stress and anxiety, which makes sense because it’s hard to think about much under water that frigid. “It instantly awakens and rejuvenates skin,” Francelle says.


Set aside time for a daily skin ritual.

Francelle swears by using a daily mask. “It’s a ritual I’ve been doing for years!” Right now, she’s using Cold Plunge Pore Mask by Ole Henrikson as it’s green clay base draws out impurities and instantly refreshes skin. If masking isn’t your thing, I’d recommend exploring self facial massage. Take time to really nail your skincare routine as it also gives you a solid few minutes of self care.



Keep skin moisturized.

Don’t be afraid of moisturizing, even if you have oily skin. Hydrated skin will stay bouncy and bright. Francelle’s favorite moisturizer is Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream, which she calls a “miracle in a tube”. It helps promote optimal skin recovery and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this juicy insight into Francelle’s routine. I’m inspired to welcome in some new habits and enjoy a long evening of self-care! —Jessica

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