About The Founder

   Francelle was born in New Orleans into a long line of strong entrepreneurial women. The stories of her female predecessors inspired Francelle throughout her childhood, often recounted by her grandmother Ethel, and included such topics as family beauty secrets going back as far as the early 1900’s, the peak of Louisiana High Society. Statements such as “Always use complexion cream on the face and a mix of witch hazel, rose or orange oil for instant brightness” and “A bright and shiny complexion is best for those winter months” were family proverbs and spoken as law through the ages in the household. As a child, Francelle watched her mother crafting soaps and creams in their New Orleans home. “My mother was constantly busy creating something, whether it be by sewing, cooking or soap making. I remember as a child that she made an amazing lavender soap and taught me how she boiled down the solids and mixed in the oils.” Francelle recounted when asked what inspired her to become an artisan herself.

   Following these early lessons, Francelle dove into the beauty business as soon as she was able. Always pushing herself in order to reach her ultimate goal of becoming a professional makeup artist. Francelle worked with people of every age and nationality, allowing her to hone her skills and utilize the personal interaction to more deeply develop her beauty intuition. She followed these goals all the way to New York City, where she secured placement in a major fashion agency, thereby fulfilling her dream of gaining a foothold in the high-paced, invigorating and varied world of fashion. A playground in and of itself, the fashion world allowed Francelle to not only immerse herself in color, light and photography to further her love of makeup, but also to begin formulating a new, better way creating makeup itself. As her experience progressed, she began to see herself as a color expert, mixing product and pigments to create the look of the shoot, the early conceptual seeds that would become Lovecraft Beauty took root.