About LCB

  Love+Craft+Beauty represents an unconventional hub for beauty, championing an egalitarian viewpoint on self-discovery through makeup. LCB provides an avenue to embark on a journey of self-expression without limitations. We exalt the uniqueness of each member within the LCB family, fostering a community where all individuals can radiate.

  Devised by makeup artist Francelle Daly, Love+Craft+Beauty commemorates the artistry of personal style and extraordinary beauty. LCB’s ethos revolves around the principles of self-love, devotion to one’s craft, and admiration for individual beauty. We uphold the value of embracing the art of makeup, cultivating a positive self-image as the ultimate goal.

  Love+Craft+Beauty approaches color cosmetics as a form of alchemy: an imaginative and stylized method of metamorphosis, a link to one’s internal enchantment. LCB delivers top-notch professional products designed for everyday simplicity. Whether indulging in the most striking self-expressions or opting for understated corrective applications, Love+Craft+Beauty presents makeup suitable for all occasions.

  At Love+Craft+Beauty, our firm conviction lies in the inherent equality of all aspects of beauty. Our unwavering commitment is evident through our embrace and active promotion of diversity within the cosmetics sphere. LCB remains fully devoted to challenging the confines of conventional beauty norms while cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity within our community.