About LCB

   Love+Craft+Beauty is an alternative beauty space, that stands for an egalitarian perspective on the development of one's identity through makeup. LCB offers an opportunity to take a journey into self expression with total freedom. We celebrate the individuality of each member of the LCB family, and take pride in having a community where everyone can shine.

    Formulated by makeup artist Francelle Daly, Love+Craft+Beauty celebrates the art of personal style and extreme beauty.The philosophy of LCB is to Love your self, love your Craft, and love your Beauty. We believe in taking pride in the craft of makeup, and ultimately the reinforcement of a positive self-image.

    Love+Craft+Beauty approaches color cosmetics as alchemy: an artistic and stylized approach to transformation, a connection to ones own inner magic. LCB provides quality professional products that lend themselves to the ease of everyday use. From the most dramatic of self expressions, to the most simple and corrective applications, Love+Craft+Beauty offers makeup for every type of wear.

   At Love+Craft+Beauty we believe all beauty is created equal. We strongly embrace and advocate for diversity in the world of cosmetics. LCB is committed to broadening the standards of beauty and promoting inclusivity within our community.